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Products and services

Our knowledge, broad market understanding, and industry expertise means we offer a diverse range of insured and uninsured products and services that respond to the current and future needs of your customers.

We continually work with our partners to enhance these solutions and bring new products to market responding to new and emerging risks and challenges.

Changes to road traffic accident compensation levels have highlighted a gap in the way some accident victims are treated. If a party cannot be pursued following a road traffic accident there is limited support for those customers.

With limited product innovation since the reforms were introduced, Addept has created Recovery First to address the gap and provide practical and financial support to help policyholders recover both mentally, financially and physically after an accident.

This new product offers a wider coverage and is designed to replace the current under utilised existing Personal Accident add on offerings available in the market. Alongside a cash benefit if the customer is unable to work due to an injury sustained in a motor accident, there’s cover for rehabilitation costs to expedite the customers physical recovery from their injuries, and driver confidence lessons. Also, for serious injury there is cover for home adaptions and in the event of death, funeral costs can be covered. All areas of assistance currently provided to ‘non-fault’ motor accident customers, but none of which are provided to customers who are unable to claim these costs from a negligent third party.

  • Rehabilitation - Up to six physiotherapy sessions including an initial assessment if injured in a motor accident.

  • Driver Confidence - One 2-hour session, up to £100, with a local driving school if the insured loses their confidence in driving.

  • Hospital Benefit - £100 per night of hospitalization, up to 10 nights.

  • Loss of Income - £250 per week, for up to 10 weeks if the insured is unable to work due to an injury and lose their income as a result.

  • Home Adaptation - Up to £5000 to make adaption to the insured’s home to accommodate any permanent disability arising from an injury.

  • Funeral Costs - Up to £5000 for funeral costs in the event of the insured’s death.


Talk to Addept about how Recovery First can support your clients as part of their motoring insurance needs.

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A dedicated landlord buildings damage cover directly responding to the Renters Reform Bill.

Under the proposed legislation, landlords will no longer be able to unreasonably prevent their tenants from having pets in their properties. They will need a good reason to refuse, like you can’t have a lion in the house. So that is why we called the product Not for Lions!

The policy offers landlords peace of mind and dedicated protection from the increased risk of pet damage to their properties.

  • Claims are linked to the outcome of the deposit adjudication. Where the ruling is in the Landlord’s favour the cover will pay out to the limits for the damaged caused.

  • Policy excess is equal to the property deposit.

  • Where there are also non-pet related issues such as non-payment of rent, property was not cleaned, Not for Lions means the deposit can be fully used to address these exposures.

  • Under the legislation the tenant must pay for the policy.

Talk to Addept about how Not for Lions can support your landlord clients. 

Accident and sickness cover designed to add value to existing sole traders and self-employed workers insurance package products.

Bill Ninja is designed to increase access to bill protection cover for self-employed tradespeople. Providing an income to cover them for a period before they are back on their feet.

For those clients who find the price of standalone cover prohibitive, Bill Ninja can be added to existing self-employed coverages.

  • Accident only and Accident & sickness options

  • £500 p/w for 8 weeks

  • Excess of 7 days

  • Sickness cover excludes pre-existing conditions.

Talk to Addept about how Bill Ninja can add value to your tradesmen and women packages.

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A unique cyber assistance service designed specifically to support micro and small SME businesses with cyber security and deal with a cyber breach or related crime.

For many small online businesses relying heavily on technology to trade, the blurred lines between commercial and personal cyber risks, combined with low levels of awareness and the high costs of commercial cyber and liability coverage, create a serious risk to these businesses.

Addept is partnering with VIVO, the UK's first dedicated cyber emergency, resilience & recovery service, to deliver ACTIVCYBER® which fills the gap for small traders and helps them create a robust cyber environment.

  • For Micro SMEs with up to ten employees.

  • An uninsured, service-based product can be offered as standalone or embedded.

  • Two hours assessment of cyber security systems and support to address any gaps, in areas such as authentication, back-ups.

  • In the event of a cyber incident, remote support to reinstate a device or, if required, device will be sent away for reinstatement. Option to extend scope so that if the issue cannot be fixed, the service will provide a replacement device.

  • Applies to all devices used by the business, including the business owner’s and their families’ personal devices.

Talk to Addept about how ACTIVCYBER can support your clients as part of their cyber security needs.

With the increasing challenges in accessing healthcare services and the cost of private medical insurance, Addept has developed Healthcare Navigator, a tiered solution enabling intermediaries, employee assistance providers (EAPs), individuals, and small business owners to access a range of private healthcare services.

Whether you are an insurer looking to add value to your product portfolio or an EAP wanting to offer your members expanded private medical services, Healthcare Navigator is designed to provide access to digital GP appointments, specialist consultations, tests and screening, and prescription medicines.

  • Low-cost add on, intermediate and Full-service options.

  • Entry level service includes unlimited access to online digital GP consultations, prescription service, signposting into private medical service providers and 24/7 health and counselling helpline.

  • The intermediate service option also includes up to two Private GP appointments or outpatient consultations and diagnostic tests per year.

  • Full healthcare service option adds in cover for all family members permanently living at home, up to six physiotherapy treatments and up to two x-rays or MRI scans per year.

Talk to Addept about how Healthcare Navigator can support your clients as part of their private healthcare needs.

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